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                        CHORD THEORY FOR GUITAR

This REVOLUTIONARY, NEW method teaches you the how to make guitar chords
without previous music experience, without note reading, without months of study.

Ever wonder if you can make Gm7-5? Each part of the title is an instruction. Learn what these instructions mean and use the two main barre chord shapes provided as the starting point, and you can make literally thousands of chords GUARANTEED! CHORDMASTER Chord Theory for Guitar takes you step-by step through learning the secrets to understanding chord titles,
and what they mean.
Learn three rules and know
and understand 252 chords.

Stop memorizing chords.

Learn just two more rules and
you'll know 756 chords !
It's FUN... It's EASY ... and YOU can DO IT

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Hello, I'm Mike Ellis. I've been teaching music for thirty-seven years. This method is
so different from all the others that I suggest that you try the others first. When you
get confused, come back and see how easy it can really be.

I had the good fortune of having it explained to me in "layman's" terms and I want to
do that for you, too. That means you don't need any previous music experience, you
don't need to be able to read notes, you don't need to know terminology like diatonic,
mixolydian, chromatic, minor second interval, perfect fifth, and the list goes on.

The majority of theory instruction web pages teach the "old-school" way with all this
unnecessary material and memorization.

You can stop using your handheld device and computer to look up chords one chord
at a time. You can stop trying to memorize hundreds of chord charts or pictures.

You can know what the titles of chords are telling you to do and be able to construct
the chords for yourself.
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  • Learn the Three Main Chords in each key.
  • Learn which other chords you can add for Blues, Rock, Country, all styles of music.
  • Learn the simple differences that give rock, blues and country their distinct sounds.
  • Learn how to figure out chord progressions without the guesswork.
  • BONUS #2
    You'll also receive  "MODES - The Mystery, The Myth"
    a $19.95 value as a SECOND BONUS!
  • What are MODES and how are they used?
  • Why use MODES at all?
  • Can they be a little easier to understand?
  • Are they teaching us correctly in school?
  • BONUS #3
    You'll also receive  "A TEACHER SPEAKS OUT"
    a $29.95 value as a THIRD BONUS!
  • How important is note reading?
  • What about interval studies, do players use them?
  • Who made music so hard to understand? Is it really that complicated?
  • A musicologist, teacher, author, and musician speaks out on HOW music is taught in schools.
  • Look what others are saying:
    "Many thanks for sending the link, I've been going through ChordMaster and it's brilliant!
    It's great to read such useful information, in such an understandable format." Dave A.

    "It's extremely easy to understand. Congratulations, again and thanks for the knowledge you gave me." Megumi K. Jr.

    "I read through most of it last night.... It is an amazingly clear description of chord theory. Bravo!" Warren D.

    "My eight-year-old was able to go through it in just days, and make ANY chord name he saw !" Michael E.

    "It All Finally Makes Sense !!! I stumbled along for years trying to play the bass and treble clefs as my early teachers insisted I do but after memorizing just some of the rules and patterns; in one week I am playing ALL sheet music better than I ever thought possible and can now 'by ear' figure out most songs because once I figure out the root, I can build on it with the rules you provided." Rad G.
    "I always figured there Had to be an easier way, thanks for providing it. This is Practical How-to at it's best." Rad G.

    Ive purchased both the original Chordmaster for Keyboard as well as the new Chordmaster for Guitar. The Guitar version is an excellent sequel and provides very specific application to the guitar. I now look at my guitar chords in a whole new light and as a result, my chord vocabulary has literally exploded over night! Two thumbs up!!  Richard E.

    Did anybody ever tell you, before, that music can be FUN and EASY?
    WELL, IT CAN BE !!

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    The keyboard shows the notes in a single line going up from left to right.
    You can learn over 7,000 chords for keyboard quickly and easily!

    CHORDMASTER Chord Theory for Keyboard!
    Just click the name above and see the possibilities!

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